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podcast | S1 E1

A journey through the history of climate change

With Kate Sambrook
Produced by Paloma Trascasa-Castro

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From John Tyndall and the greenhouse gas effect to the Kyoto ProtocolKate Sambrook guides us on an exciting journey through space and time where we explore the pivotal moments in the history of climate change science. These discoveries led us to our current understanding on climate change and were the key physical science basis of several international panels and reports such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In this episode, we discuss how these panels were formed, some of their objectives, and their limitations. From a critical point of view, we talk about the role of gender and nationality in the scientific world, and whether this variety is effectively represented when taking important decisions that concern the population as a whole. Also, Kate gives us a better insight on her recent article published in The Conversation about the extreme weather events associated with climate change and what to expect in the UK if emissions keep increasing.

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