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An overview on climate sensitivity

Written by Sachin Jugjeewon
MRes student at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

Human-induced climate change, driven by increasing emissions of atmospheric greenhouse gases, remains an ever-increasing issue at the centre of climate science whilst also having implications for society, policymakers and governing-bodies.

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The energy charter treaty

Written by Marta Garcia Pallares and Claudia Custodio

A new law on climate change and the energy transition is about to come to light in Spain, with the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees and meeting the pledges made by the European Union at the Paris Agreement.

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Delhi and the River of Love

Written by Shivani Singhal
PhD Researcher at the School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds

As I drove by the bridge on the river Yamuna, it looked calm, serene, and inviting. However, getting closer, the unmistakable smell of decay greeted me. The banks were full of rubbish and the river was black. The stillness of the calm and serene river turned out to be death.

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Forecasting tropical cyclones in a changing climate

Written by Dr. Jennifer Saxby
Researcher at the School of Earth and Environment , University of Leeds

Most of us engage with weather forecasts when we’re trying to plan our weekends, but they can also help us understand and cope with our rapidly changing climate.

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On track for low-carbon academia

Written by Jesse Schrage
Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, University of Bergen, Norway

The role of academia in the transition to low-carbon societies is invaluable. We produce the science, we communicate it, and in the process of doing so comes the question “should we also change academic practices accordingly?”

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Climate change and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Jet Streams: Mid-Latitude Modulators!

Written by Simon Lee
PhD student, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

 Jet streams are narrow bands of fast flowing air in the atmosphere that take on many forms across the globe. However, in the mid-latitudes, including Europe, the jet stream of greatest interest is the polar jet stream.

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The future of coral reefs

Written by Adele Dixon

Coral reef ecosystems are an essential source of food, protection and income for millions of people and their loss will have far-reaching consequences though they’ll be felt much more intensely by some than others.

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Thunderstorms and lightning in a changing climate

Written by Dr Declan Finney

Most people will have experienced, at some point in their lives, the explosion of energy associated with a thunderstorm. With these storms come heavy rain and hail; strong wind gusts; thunder and lightning. All these features of weather can damage infrastructure and take lives.

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Hurricanes in a warmer planet: Impacts of climate change

Written by Jorge Luis García Franco
Postgraduate researcher at the University of Oxford

Hurricanes are amongst the most destructive weather phenomena in our planet. Famous for their strong winds and massive rainfall, hurricanes are formed in most tropical oceans, specially in the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, causing important economic and human losses everywhere they go.

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Climate change: a climate scientist answers questions from teenagers

Written by Dr Chris Smith
Research Fellow in Physical Climate Change, University of Leeds

Pupils in 60 countries go on strike from school on March 15, 2019, to demand urgent action from the world’s leaders on climate change. A scientist answers teenagers’ questions about climate change.

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