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The sound of West Africa’s changing climate

How does climate change sound?
Using data from the past and climate projections of the future, our guests transformed climate information from Ghana and Niger into music through data sonification. They use a different approach to communicate climate change and raise awareness of the future impacts of changes in climate and weather patterns.

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An overview on climate sensitivity

Written by Sachin Jugjeewon

Human-induced climate change, driven by increasing emissions of atmospheric greenhouse gases, remains an ever-increasing issue at the centre of climate science whilst also having implications for society, policymakers and governing-bodies.

Alisa Singer


Alisa Singer
Digital artist

Alisa Singer is a digital artist focused on using contemporary art as a vehicle to enhance the public’s understanding of the facts about climate change.
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The energy charter treaty

A new law on climate change and the energy transition is about to come to light in Spain, with the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees and meeting the pledges made by the European Union at the Paris Agreement.


Delhi and the River of Love

As I drove by the bridge on the river Yamuna, it looked calm, serene, and inviting. However, getting closer, the unmistakable smell of decay greeted me. The banks were full of rubbish and the river was black. The stillness of the calm and serene river turned out to be death.


Forecasting tropical cyclones in a changing climate

Most of us engage with weather forecasts when we’re trying to plan our weekends, but they can also help us understand and cope with our rapidly changing climate.


On track for low-carbon academia

The role of academia in the transition to low-carbon societies is invaluable. We produce the science, we communicate it, and in the process of doing so comes the question “should we also change academic practices accordingly?”

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Climate change and the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially kicked off on July 23rd against the controversial backdrop of surging covid-19 cases and an eerily quiet Tokyo city. On top of this, there are mounting concerns and evidence of how climate change related extreme heat and high levels of humidity are posing risks and impacting athletes at these Olympic games.


The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report – behind the scenes

Dr Amanda Maycock has been a lead author in the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In the last 4 years, scientists from around the world have been working on a report that provides key information about the current state of climate change, future projections, adaptation and mitigation.
Amanda shares with us her experience as a first time lead IPCC author and a sneak peek of AR6.


Climate Strike

The documentary features many interviews with protestors at the 2019 Fridays For Future climate strikes, including representatives of the Green Party of England and Wales, Population Matters, Stand Up To Racism, a representative of Bradford Council, NHS in Leeds doctors, a vegan campaign group, International Marxist Tendency (IMT), Dr Cat Scott and Dr Leighton Regayre from the University of Leeds.
And most importantly, young people to gather their perspectives on the climate crisis.


A podcast on how to make a podcast

On this episode we share with you some tips and tricks on how to start you own podcast from scratch without any previous experience. From advice on web hosts to the podcast edition process, we interview ourselves and talk about our own experiences with The Climate Press, how did we start, how did we find our guests, our blogs, etc. At the end all you need is a good idea and willingness to make it happen!

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