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Climate Strike

Written, produced, edited, and presented by Tom Wood

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A documentary inspired by the Fridays for Future climate strikes originally broadcast on BCB Radio as part of the Bradford Science Festival.


The documentary features many interviews with protestors at last year’s Fridays For Future climate strikes. Tom spoke to representatives of the Green Party of England and Wales, Population Matters, Stand Up To Racism, NHS in Leeds doctors, a vegan campaign group, International Marxist Tendency (IMT) amongst others. Importantly, Tom also spoke to young people to gather their perspectives on the climate crisis, as well as a representative of Bradford Council, which recently declared a #ClimateEmergency, to understand the local government response.


Tom also discussed the recent Leeds Climate Commission Citizen’s Assembly with scientific advisor, Dr Cat Scott, and spoke to Dr Leighton Regayre about the implications of the pandemic on the way we conduct climate science and on the wider society.


The documentary features music exclusively from @listeningsessionsuk and @futurepastzine affiliated artists.

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