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podcast | S2 E1

Nurturing hope for sustainable cities and low carbon futures

With James McKay and Stephanie Robinson
Produced by Paloma Trascasa-Castro and Tom Wood

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Our guests in this episode, Stephanie and James, work across spheres of science and art to explore educational, evidence-based forms of climate outreach. From creating graphic novels to building interactive model cities, our two guests describe powerful approaches for getting people to visualise future scenarios of what their society could look like with lower carbon emissions.  Working to open the climate change discourse through exploratory learning, collaborative dreaming, collective storytelling, and crowd-sourced visions, James and Stephanie remind us of the importance of making hope possible; rather than despair convincing.

Tune in and find out what happens when we engage, educate, and empower people with climate science to envision and build the sustainable cities and low carbon communities they want for themselves.

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