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podcast | S1 E2

The challenge of climate change communication

With Dr Astrid Kause
Bianca van Bavel

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With more and more scientists, students, and protesters calling attention to climate change, why aren’t these warnings having a greater impact on our everyday decisions and actions?


In this episode we talk with Astrid Kause, Post-Doctoral Researcher with the Centre for Decision Research at the University of Leeds, about how people understand and trust information related to climate change. Specializing in the science of communication, Astrid shares some insights about ways that we can affect this understanding through communication. We discuss some of the key differences between communicating climate risks and others types of risk, and just how difficult it can be to translate this information into something that we can relate to and understand. As we explore different examples of communicating climate risks to inform everyday decision making, we also ask what is the role of the scientific community in supporting the public to take action around climate change.

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