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podcast | S1 E4

The Ozone Hole Part 2: Present and future projections

With Dr. Amanda Maycock and Professor Martyn Chipperfield
Produced by Paloma Trascasa-Castro

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Now that we know how the ozone layer is formed and how the Montréal Protocol helped to reduce 90% of the production of ozone depleting substances (if not we recommend you listen to part 1 The ozone hole!), we explore the first signs of the healing of the ozone hole as well as emerging issues such as new sources of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Amanda and Martyn are back to teach us more about the ozone hole, how it impacts climate conditions in the southern hemisphere, and the relationship between global warming and ozone depletion. Amanda and Martyn have contributed to the 2018 scientific assessment of ozone depletion, which is produced every 4 years and presented to the parties of the Montréal Protocol. Listen to part 2 of ‘The Ozone Hole’ and find out whether the ozone hole will recover by 2050 and what would have happened to the ozone layer without the Montréal Protocol!

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